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Ganem Jewelers COVID-19 Response

Scottsdale Store Front

We are pleased to announce that Ganem Jewelers is reopening our Ahwatukee and Scottsdale locations Friday, May 8th, resuming normal business operations. We’ve missed you! We know that during this difficult you’ve delayed many celebrations and milestones such as anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations. As always, we remain honored to be part of cherished moments in your lives and are here to help you celebrate those moments moving forward.

Know that as we open our doors Friday, we do so with caution. In an effort to protect the health and safety of both staff and clients we have implemented several precautionary measures.



  • Both our locations are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in preparation for opening.
  • Clorox wipes are readily available throughout the store and will be used to disinfect all community contact points after every customer and staff contact.
  • Customer merchandise will be sanitized prior to returning to the customer.
  • Ganem Jewelers merchandise will be sanitized after contact with customers or staff members and prior to returning to the case.
  • Ganem Jewelers staff will wear gloves when showing jewelry to reduce contact between customers and staff members.
  • Shaking hands is temporarily suspended.
  • We are practicing social distancing of 6 feet between staff members and customers.
  • Employees experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms are required to stay home until symptoms subside and a negative test is obtained.

The current situations has been difficult for everyone. As a company we plan on moving forward stronger with the health and safety of our customers at the forefront of our business planning. Thank you to all our customers who have patiently waited for our return to normal business operations. We look forward to welcoming you back into our stores!

If you have an specific questions about office operations during this difficult time, please feel free to contact either store for more information regarding store policy and procedure.


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